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Three generations that perpetuates the expertise of an oil artisan since 1930

Rare are the French artisan oil mills that have survived the multiplication of industrial oil manufacturers in the 1960’s. The Philippe VIGEAN Company is just one of those. Heirs to a long tradition, they perpetuate, from father to son, the knowledge of an oil artisan.


First generation – The Company Founder, Mr. André VIGEAN
A passion for his native soil and the tradition of artisan milled oils.
The story began in the early part of the last century in the little village of Clion-sur-Indre in the middle of Champagne Berrichonne region of France, when Mr André VIGEAN set up a small traditional mill to produce traditional walnut and hazelnut oils. Motivated by his entrepreneurship, he bought the oil mill in 1930 and so was founded the “Maison Philippe VIGEAN”. Mr André VIGEAN was a precursor, combining quality products with respect for the environment. This was illustrated by his warm relationships with the peasants who were not only his suppliers of raw materials but his customers as well.