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Our Different Oils – An Evolving Range
How to choose our oils?

There are several criteria to determine the choice of our oils, especially their nutritional value linked to the composition of essential fatty acids, the taste, the oxidative stability that depends on their oleic acid content (omega 9) including their richness in anti-oxidants.
The choice of oil can also depend on the method of preparation: seasoning, cooking or deep-frying.
That’s why we have divided our oils into 6 ranges to help you make the right choice.

The VIGEOLINE specific cooking and deep-frying range

These oils have been developed to resist thermo-oxidative alteration, and also limit the formation of unpleasant odours.
Their composition is principally based on omega 9 and omega 6 plus biological anti-oxidants. It is idea for preserving your food whilst it is being cooked or fried.

The VIGEOLINE specific cooking and deep-frying