The different types of oils:

What is a refined oil ? What is a virgin oil ?

A refined oil is produced with a chemical process to secure and preserve it for a long time :

"Producing organic oils, either first cold pressed oils or gourmet oils, I don’t use refining process, that is why I obtain virgin oils with shorter preservation. In return, they keep their specific taste of nuts and seeds. Health and taste are my priority.” Eric VIGEAN.

What is a first cold pressed oil ?

Considered as the best for daily consumption, the first cold pressed oils are transformed by a continuous press : the seeds are carried along at slow speed by means of a worm screw, and they are extracted and crushed in a small cage located in the press, a temperature of under 40°C. In the middle, the oil comes out, and cold extraction takes place at room temperature, and thus the flavours of the raw nut are kept exceptionally pure, with mellow and subtle fresh notes. In this way, it preserves all the essential fatty acids, rich in omega 3, 6, 9, vitamin E and antioxidants, nice for a good dietetic and nutritional balance.

What is a gourmet oil ?

Gourmet oils are cooked at temperatures up to 100 degrees. This operation must be as precise as possible, otherwise the oils might become too heavy. This process enhances all the flavours and also the colours. It is an authentic roasting process in cast iron pan, like in the past. Thereby, we can call this kind of product, traditional oil, concentrating aromas in a moderate way; it is worth mentioning this important detail because too many oils are spoilt nowadays in stainless steel ovens that bring rough flavours. Usually, gourmet oils have stronger flavours. This is necessary for seeds like argan, but for other seeds or fruits it is a matter of personal taste.

Flavoured olive oils

An olive oil base is combined with a natural dilution of herbs and spices in its purest possible form, adding a spicy note to the oil.

Nuts and seeds oils

These are first cold pressed virgin oils. The nuts or seeds are carefully selected, then washed before the oil is extracted on small screw presses. These oils are then decanted then filtered on blotting paper. The nuts and seeds oils are the best in terms of nutritional value and health benefits.

Blended oils

We have created this range of blended oils seeking to achieve nutritional balance between the essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9) and culinary pleasure. Just like Bordeaux wines which are produced using several grapes varieties, our blended oils are combinations based on one dominant oil, either rapeseed or olive.

Infused oils

The infused oils are not flavoured oils nor essential oils. The organic fresh plants are harvested manually then frozen before cryogenic grinding. Afterwards, our manufacturing process involves steeping these plant extracts in our Spain/Tunisia olive oil for a certain time before filtration. The resulting product is then combined with our olive and rapeseed oils to get a well-balanced infused oil in terms of taste and nutrition.

Olive oils

There are three types of fruitiness that are used to talk about different categories of maturity. First, the green fruitiness, with a bit of a kick that is known as ardence, with fresh vegetal notes, grassy hints and a touch of bitterness. Then, the mature or mellow fruitiness with more mature olives that give body and mellowness to the oil.

Gourmet oils

The gourmet oils have stronger flavours which can work wonders in the kitchen, particularly in autumn and winter.

Grand cru oils

Why can we compare a grand cru oil to a good wine?

"It is a fine product, from prestigious terroirs, the tasting techniques are as precise and use the same senses: sight, smell and taste. A cold pressed seed must produce an oil with a very pure taste, just like when you crunch a walnut. On the contrary, traditional gourmet oils have a more sophisticated taste to which the cooking has given more aromas and colours. Just like my father and grand-father did before me, I endeavour to give you a very high quality product”.