Press releases

Output Prim'Olive oil 2016 VIGEAN


L'Huilerie VIGEAN releases its original Prim'Olive 2016 oil of Andalusian origin

VIGEAN launches oils Living Essence


A return to full health with the new range of Vigean oils, "Life Essence," Alpha and Omega fun found!

VIGEAN launches Inca Inchi oil


Output Inca Inchi oil fruits and seeds

VIGEAN launches fruity oils hazelnut and sesame


Output 2 gourmand fruity oils old: hazelnuts and sesame

VIGEAN launches oils Prim 'Nuts 2015


True DNA of the house, walnut oil released for the first time this year featured two versions.

VIGEAN launches oil Prim Olive 2015


When November knocks on the door, the premiere olive oil is back in the kitchen delicious Andalusian accents. This oil before the winter comes from green olives harvested from the month of October, just before the great maturity.