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Manufacturing process of first cold pressed seed and nut oils

For Eric Vigean, an oil is like a fine wine – it should be mellow on the palate, with a pleasant flavour and an attractive colour. All of our seeds and nuts are carefully selected and controlled before we buy them. This control is carried out based on the following documents: production certificates, analysis reports, macroscopic examination, smell test, etc. Upon receiving the raw material, we verify the documents, take samples and either carry out an internal control or commission private laboratories to conduct tests.

All of our raw materials are carefully dusted and washed before being crushed and shelled if necessary (sunflower, pumpkin). Our oils do not pass through a centrifuge – they are simply filtered through blotting paper, without added chemicals to give them their clarity. These oils are transformed by a continuous press: the seeds are carried along at slow speed by means of a worm screw, and they are extracted and crushed in a small cage located in the press, a temperature of under 40°C.

When cold pressed, the resulting oil is the natural juice containing all of the essential nutritional principles of a high quality natural and pure product.

To prevent thermo-oxidative alteration, freshly produced oils and imported olive oils are stored in vats placed in air-conditioned spaces at a continuous temperature of 18°C.

Our oils are put into coloured glass bottles and should be kept out of direct light and heat. Each bottled oil bears a batch number for traceability purposes and a best before date (BBD), an indication of its freshness.


Manufacturing processes of traditional and fruity gourmet oils

Our traditional gourmet oils, as the grand cru oils, are an integral part of the age-old legend of the creation of Maison Vigean. The rich history of the oil mill forms the basis of our core business. Over the years, each generation has carried on this tradition while at the same time incorporating the development of new oils in response to both nutritionists’ recommendations and consumers’ expectations. 

Thus, over time, each generation has pursued this quest for innovation - André Vigean, traditional style gourmet oils – Philippe Vigean, first cold pressed oils, and Eric Vigean, healthy oils. The traditional gourmet oils have been carefully crafted according to two processes, including a controlled thermal amplification process. 

They are an the result of a meticulous work, a combination of the best aromas and flavours crafted by the Master Oil Maker with what nature provides : argan, gourmet fruity blend with walnut, pumpkin seed, rapeseed, hazelnut, walnut and sesame. These traditional gourmet oils contain a world of aromas and unrivalled flavours, the expression of a perfect sensory and taste balance.


La fabrication des huiles et macérâts

A travers ces 3 saveurs : ail, basilic et citron, nous avons développé, en partenariat avec Escofine, une offre spéciale et unique. Leurs notes d’arômes sont délicatement équilibrées. Notre procédé consiste à faire macérer dans l’huile des extraits végétaux qui ont subi au préalable un procédé de cryobroyage. L’huile joue le rôle de support naturel permettant d’extraire par simple diffusion les composés aromatiques. Nos macérâts sont des préparations gourmandes qui associent les bienfaits de l’huile d’olive et de l’huile de colza au goût étonnant des macérâts de plantes fraîches.

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