Press reviews

Natural Health - May 2019


Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil in the spotlight in the magazine Santé Naturelle

Reportage in the " nouvelle république"


The regional daily returned to the three generations of Vigean's unflinching commitment to organic food and quality since the early 1970s, demonstrating that, beyond all modes, Clion's company knows how to play the pioneers while staying on course!

We cook together with France Bleu Berry


Issue of November 20, 2018 with Vigean oils

Healthy Life (September - October 2018)


Ysabelle Levasseur (Dietician NutritionistCannes Paris) talks about the benefits of our olive oil / Inca Inchi in this new magazine

CCI Indre (April 2018)


Vigean; producer of organic and gourmet oils

Santé Naturelle (mars-avril 2018)


Organic extra virgin olive oil unfiltered in the magazine Santé Naturelle