Press releases

Release of Coco Olive oil


Discover the press release of the VIGEAN oil mill on the new Coco Olive oil.

Fair for Life Certification


Check out the VIGEAN Oil Mill press release on Fair For Life certification.

Release of unfiltered olive oil from Greece


Discover this Greek olive oil, from the Peloponnese region is obtained from olives ancestral varieties Koroneiki and Athinio.

Selection of VIGEAN products including turmeric and safflower


Discover 3 VIGEAN products: turmeric mustard, red wine vinegar and safflower virgin oil

NEW 2018 deodorized organic coconut oil


This exceptional oil is very popular for its wealth of quality lauric acids. It brings softness and flexibility to all your cooking.

Release of VIGEAN Unfiltered Olive Oil (Limited Edition)


Discover the authenticity of an olive oil of yesteryear.