Organic walnut oil from France

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First cold press - rich in omega 3 & 6

Nutty dress with pale yellow hues. The nose hand to the kernel of fresh walnuts just suggested and the flavours gradually being set up, with a touch of high purity and freshness of remarkable constitution
We feel like the fruit that we just broke. In this version, this oil reaches a perfect balance and if we want to find a wine equivalent, you immediately think of a grand cru Chablis as the Preuses.

The virgin organic walnut oil is very well balanced and has Omega 6 / Omega 3 very interesting ratio (4.8). Its subtle flavour will give you the impression of biting a fresh nuts in each of your preparations.

Oil obtained from biological origin of French walnut exclusively. The oil thus obtained has very marked fragrances and flavours. She is also responsible for the Vigean house founded in 1930.


Nutritional interest

Nutritional interest: Omega 3-6- and vitamin E


Preservation: maximum 18 months

Gourmets agreements Perfect matchlamb's lettuce and rattes potatoes, carpaccio of ceps, Berry green lentils served cold in salads

Culinary use
Culinary use: cold seasoning

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