Organic virgin coconut oil

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The coconut oil is a stone fruit coming from the mythical "tree of heaven", celebrated as a true god in tropical countries.

Very glamorous, the virgin coconut oil is very popular with Hollywood stars; use in cosmetic or gastronomic way, she can make sense of a dish.

This hard oil is produced from the fruit pulp that is grated into very thin slices. 

These are dried naturally in a rigorously monitored temperature and then subjected to a cold-pressed in small screw presses.

Compared to other oils, it contrasts with a tough hand, obtained at room temperature below 25 degrees. 

Its pristine colour immediately attracts. From the fragrances emerge some very pure coconut flavours.

A cooking oil that liquefies and it brings all its complexity and its exoticism to cucurbits, poultry or desserts without the exuberance in the mouth of the original fruit.

The virgin coconutoil mostly contains medium chain fatty acids that accelerate our metabolism and bring healthy energy.


Nutritional interest

Nutritional interest: lauric acid


Preservation: maximum 24 months 

Gourmets agreements Perfect match: All cooking (a very slight coconut taste)

Culinary use
Culinary use: cooking. Do not exceed 240 °

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