Walnut oil tasting (Radio Télévision Suisse - RTS)


One of the leaders in the Swiss audiovisual sector, Swiss radio has chosen to evaluate 10 walnut oils purchased in various stores in French-speaking Switzerland by 13 experts. During this blind tasting, Vigean's first cold pressed oil largely triumphed over its competitors. When asked about this performance, Eric Vigean smiled broadly.

This is a source of pride for the entire Clion team, demonstrating our qualitative involvement every moment!

This is national in scope?
The studios of the RTS are based in Geneva and Lausanne, in addition, they have an office in each canton of Romand as well as correspondents in Bern, Zurich, Lugano and in the main international capitals.

How was it?
First of all, know that I was not aware, I only learned this event afterwards. In fact, the tasting took place at the High School of Viticulture and Oenology of Changins. The 13 experts were asked to evaluate the oils according to two different tasting methods: an organoleptic tasting and a hedonic tasting.

You can specify ?
Know that an organoleptic tasting is a technical description of a product according to its taste qualities to define its sensory profile. For this tasting, the experts decided on criteria such as appearance, smell, taste, texture and consistency according to about twenty sensory attributes, such as "grilled", "aromatic herbs", "spicy" "," rancid "," bitter ", among others. Then, during the hedonic tasting, each product is scored on a scale defined according to the jury's personal assessments.

What is your rating for walnut oil, first cold pressed?
7.8 out of 10, I think it's great, think the second got the average rating of 6.4. In addition, I know the seriousness of this type of tasting. Our oil caught the attention of all the members of the jury for its powerful vegetable notes and its strong aromatic persistence.

How to situate this performance?
First of all, I know the seriousness of this public service audiovisual company recognized for its independence, and not subject to commercial pressure. She
offers programs on four radio channels, two tv channels and many digital platforms. So it's important for us to reach this Swiss market.