History of Vigean oil mill

The Vigean oil mill, created in 1930, celebrates its 90 years this year (2020). Over time, each of the 3 generation ensures that the traditions of Master oil Producers survive and are passed on to the next generation.

Over time, each generation ensures that the traditions of the Master Oil Producers survive and are passed on to the next generation. André Vigean, the founder, produced gourmet oils using traditional methods. The oils are still produced using the same method, which is unique to the Vigean company. Philippe VIGEAN specialises in particular in cold pressed oils from the first pressing and Eric VIGEAN, whose interest lies in nutrition and diet, created the first compound oil on the market: Quatuor, which corrects food imbalances.

Many compound oils have been created to meet the recommendations of nutritionists and consumers. Each process gives the oil its typicity, its specificity, its aromas, its nutritional value and its oxidative stability. This is why our oils offer you an unbeatable array of aromas and flavours, conveying a huge range of sensory possibilities and taste experiences.

The word of Eric Vigean

“Loaded with savours, stories and dreams, this utility vehicle became our “horse of pride”, shaping a life which I took up in my turn with real joy; and to keep alive a time that has become an integral part of me, I yielded to  emptation and had this glory of a Citroën restored, a symbol in my eyes of the original passing on of a passion for oil across the generations.”

Éric Vigean