Organic rapeseed/canola oil

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First cold press - rich in omega 3

This oil also exists in 3 liter packaging.

The rapeseed oil is produced from dust off seeds.

We obtain this fist cold pressed oil with a long process of mechanical press, without any heating or pre-heating. Thanks to this process, this oil has been certified "Raw Food”.

This oil is light yellow and taste like the raw seed. All the nutritional values are conserved.

The polyunsaturated unsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids contained contribute to a cardiovascular health with a balanced diet.

The rapeseed oil contains 11g/100 of alpha-linolenic acid – AAL or ALA (omega 3), fatty essential acids with anti-inflammatory virtues. The body doesn’t know how to produce it by itself.

This oil is very interesting with the presence of vitamins K (helps in the coagulation of the blood) and E (28,4mg/100g, perfect antioxidant).

To benefit from all these properties, it is essential not to heat the oil and to keep it away from light or heat.

From Ysabelle Levasseur, nutritionist-dietician



Nutritional interest

Nutritional interest: Omega 3-6 and vitamin E, balanced oil


Preservation: maximum 18 months

Gourmets agreements Perfect match: sardine, beetroot, mayonnaise

Culinary use
Culinary use: cold seasoning

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