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Eric Vigean and Denis Hervier




is one of the very few master craftsmen cruets France. Working in organic multiplying the rewards, he entered the third millennium by adapting to the expectations of consumers hungry for new flavors, huilothérapie and dietetics. The VIGEAN oils are referenced in the guide for gourmands, 2010.



Holder of a CAPES of history, he always passionate for wine and gastronomy. He now divides his time between teaching, radio (food columnist on France Bleu Berry) and writing, he participated in Bettane & Deseauve guide. He has already published in 2003 by Féret editions, Médoc and Cru Bourgeois in 2006. The Wine & Truffle, Truffle Carnets in 2008.

He received the 2008 Grand Prix of the wine press for his radio shows. He lives in Châteauroux.




is an independent professional photographer. A native of Touraine, it is installed in the Loir et Cher. Specializing in the vineyards of the Loire, it alternates reports for corporate and illustrative pictures in France and abroad for the press and publishing.


The book

Huiles et SaveursThis tasty duo introduces us first in the world of oil, the rich and generous nature, populated by real gourmands, and we entrust dietary advice and the benefits of the oil on our bodies. In explaining how to differentiate oil cold pressed, greedy oil and refined oil (virgin), Denis and Eric HERVIER VIGEAN explore the multitude of flavors, different textures, and the wide range of tastes hitherto unsuspected. Then, they give us some tips, best cooking oils, the best preservation methods, agreements with vinegar ...

The oil is an essential element in the kitchen. "Fat is essential for sensory balance of a dish, because it sets the aroma and taste can be expressed."

All qualities that drive our greatest leaders in search of new and harmonious flavors, and they entrust us some secrets in the next chapter ...


Huiles et Saveurs, Huilerie ViganOpening "the huilothèque", the pair teach us to juggle the flavors daily around 14 oils from almond, argan, borage, camelina, safflower, hemp, canola, hazelnut , walnut, poppy, olive, pumpkin seeds, sesame or sunflower.

Each oil is described in its practical use, its taste and its development.


Simple tips are delivered thanks to the advice of a stove, Frédérique CAILLOCE, and the most reputable starred there reveal their uses.

The party continues with oils and wines agreements, where we learn to blend flavors of hazelnut oil in a raw Jura or an oil of camelina to Menetou-Salon. So we are following our two lovers on a tour of French wine regions to discover the secrets of associations of oil and wine. Then flavors continue in a medley by learning to divine agreements and sometimes unexpected with truffles, lobster, Saint-Jacques or chocolate. The book ends with fifty recipes cranks and amateurs, with simple or elaborate dishes, where oils and flavors combine to the delight of all.

Denis and Eric HERVIER VIGEAN invite us to an original and tasty journey through the multitude of tastes, aromas and textures that can offer us the oils. A new era for us, that of huilégrette!
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