Organic gourmet walnut Grand Cru oil

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"It is a noble product, resulting from prestigious lands, tasting techniques are as precise and use the same senses: sight, smell, and taste a cold-pressed seed has an oil. with a very pure taste, as if we munched a nut kernel.

While gourmet oils old show a more developed flavour which gave more cooking aromas and colours. Official taster of olive oil and nuts to the Paris International Agricultural Show in Paris since 1998, I cling, like my father and grandfather did before me, to bring you a product of great finesse and high quality.

Eric Vigean, Huilier Master Craftsman of France.


Nutritional interest

Nutritional interest:


Preservation: maximum 18 months

Gourmets agreements Perfect match: goat cheese, lamb's lettuce salad

Culinary use
Culinary use: cold seasoning

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