Quintuor oil

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54% rapeseed - 25.5% sesame - 11% walnut - 5% hemp - 4.5% evening primrose

This oil is composed of 54% ofrapeseed oil, 25.5%of sesame, 11% ofnuts, 5% ofhempand 4.5%of evening primrose.

She has the distinction of being the one with the best ratio of Omega 3 / Omega 6.

This oil has a golden colour with some green highlights. The perfume is a mix of rapeseed and sesame. The flavours are herbal and peppery.

It will enhance your St Jacques carpaccio and raw vegetables dishes. This oil has to be used only raw and stored in the fridge to keep all its nutritional properties.

This blend has a great balanced between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins and substances vital for the organism. It helps to prevent cardiovascular disorders, to reduce cholesterol and reinforce the immune system.

The Quintuor is composed of:  

- Omega 3, with the hemp, walnut and rapeseed oils. They are important for the cerebral functions.

- Omega 6,  with evening primrose, walnut, rapeseed and sesame oils. They help to balance the ratio 6/3 of essential fatty acids.

- Omega 9, with the evening primrose, sesame and walnut. 

       - Vitamin E, with the walnut, rapeseed and sesame oils.

       - Sesame oil contains sesamoline helping against cholesterol.

       - Evening primrose has benefits on the symptoms associated with premenstrual periods, menopause and skin.


        ATTENTION: To avoid in case of sesame or walnut allergies

From Ysabelle Levasseur, nutritionist- dietician


Nutritional interest

Nutritional interest: ideal balance between omega 3-6-9 and antioxidants


Preservation: maximum 18 months

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Culinary use
Culinary use: cold seasoning

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