Organic sesame oil

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First cold press - rich in omega 6 & 9

Sesame oil is yellow with some grey highlights. Its perfume reminds of freshly grounded sesame seeds. Some spicy notes will be noticed in the taste.

This oil is perfect to add flavours to a fish, a celery puree or to rice, as raw seasoning or at the end of a cooking.

The cold pressed oil is produced without any heating or pre-heating. It is kept away from light in a brown glass bottle. Thanks to these precautions, the oil keeps all its nutritional values.

The sesame oil is mainly composed of omega 9 and 6. It contains only a low level of saturated fatty acids which are noxious for the health and usually over consumed. The sesame oil guarantees an intake in antioxidant (vitamin E, lecithin, selenium) and in pro-vitamin A (helps in the night vision).

Physterol and sesamolin help against the bad cholesterol (with a balanced diet).

All these nutriments contained in this sesame oil help to protect the nervous and cerebral system.

From Ysabelle Levasseur, nutritionist-dietician.



Nutritional interest

Nutritional interest: Omegas 6-9. Anti oxidant + massage oil


Preservation: maximum 18 months

Gourmets agreements Perfect match: tomato carpaccio, asparagus, spider crab, red snapper, tuna, risotto

Culinary use
Culinary use: end of cooking

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