Organic Olive Oil Thyme flavour

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10cl packaging

At the base there is olive oil; it is connected to a CO2 extraction (this is not a distillation such as essential oils) there is no addition of external product. The plant is pure so we get a better concentration and 100% natural.

The spices are expressed in the purest way possible and give a spicy touch of first flavour to the oil.

The pale yellow dress releases some powerful thyme accents. The palate confirms the nose with the addition of cut grass notes. It reminds us the Provence enhancing the flavour of the dishes.


Nutritional interest

Nutritional interest: Omega 9 + oleic acid


Preservation: maximum 18 months 

Gourmets agreements Perfect match: Rack of Lamb

Culinary use
Culinary use: cooking and seasoning. Do not exceed 180 °. Use sparingly, aromatic concentration is important.

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