Brittany scampi and zucchini pulp

Publiée le 01/08/2016




  • 10 beautiful Breton langoustines 16/20
  • 1 zucchini
  • 200 grams of fresh spinach
  • 1 half lemon 
  • Coconut oil Vigean
  • French organic olive oil Vigean
  • Salt and white pepper penja exotic land

According to a recipe from Frédéric Dagoreau, Chief Belles Caves Tours (

  1. Remove with a knife all the green zucchini and boil.
  2. Remove and blend very finely and put to cool
  3. Remove the spinach stalk, wash and fry them in French organic olive oil Vigean
  4. Finalize cooking, scraping them with half a lemon, salt and pepper
  5. Peel the prawns, leaving the last ring, do a much reduced juice with shells
  6. Fry the prawns in coconut oil, salt and pepper
  7. Stir coconut oil in the zucchini pulp, salt, pepper
  8. Arrange all the plate, adding the reduced scampi juice

Good tasting!

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